Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

It's official!! Ginger will be staying with us, indefinitely. My sister did find a new place but she will have 2 roommates and she's "never home". So, I agreed to keep Ginger with me. Klea is not too fond of this idea. She rather liked being the Alpha while Ginger was away. And the fact that Ginger is very aggressively seeking to reclaim her role as Alpha has caused some... spiffs. At least Ginger still has her BFF, Wilbur. :)

The terms of the agreement are that sis will give me Ginger's portion of the pet rent, 1/2 the cost of food and the money to keep her groomed and updated with her shots. (I'm not holding my breath on the shot & grooming money).

I'm just glad that it's all settled now. I've been offering to take Ginger on as my own for years now. I'm sure that sis loves her very much, it's just that she never wanted (or fully accepted) the responsibility of having a dog. For her, it was more like a cute accessory than a living mammal with its own unique personality.

So, there you have it, loves. More news on another day.

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