Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Caring for Carrion

Klea (see fig. 1) is disgusting.

figure 1
I will help you understand how I have come to this conclusion. Carrion is grotesque (see fig. 2) and that's putting it mildly. Animals that eat carrion are revolting. Animals that roll in it are merely disgusting. Klea enjoys rolling in carrion. And dung. And anything else stinky that requires an immediate bath just to continue residency in my home.

figure 2
Today, I went home for lunch. Mainly because I forgot it on the kitchen table and only live 3 miles away so it's not really a hassle to drive there and eat it. When I walked through the door they got excited and jumped around like they always do. And because they are creatures of habit, everyone instantly had to potty.
We went out without leashes and I let them sniffle and frolick for awhile (I believe everyone deserves a bit of freedom). But while I was preoccupied with picking up Ginger's excrement, I heard snuffles and grunts (which are distinctly different from sniffles and moans), I turn, and there's Klea assuming the position and preparing to rub her face on something dead.
My heart stopped. My lungs opened. And I screamed. It was enough to make her jump up straight and case the area.
Thank God.
Because I couldn't call my boss and tell him I'd be late from lunch because my dog smelled like road kill. Leashing her to the front door would break several laws. And she can't come in the house smelling like that.

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