Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giving Up Mommyhood

I have been made the offer of the year!

I could leave behind this city, this state, this "job" and have a place to stay that is reasonably within my budget. It's in a warm city, a big city, a real city. I mean, it's Atlanta, y'all!! How could I not go?

The price, that's how. It would mean that I'm far from all my family (except my 1st step-dad's in-laws but you can see how that would be... messy), all my friends, and my babies. See, my potential roomie has never lived with an indoor dog and since it's their house I can't really put down the proverbial foot.

So, I'm torn. First because this is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY. And I don't want to let this pass me by. But, I don't want to give up my babies, well, just Klea. However, I'm sure she would be unhappy as an outside dog. Or at least I think I'm sure.

There's many other things to think about like getting a job down there.

I'll let you know when I decide... I think.

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