Monday, February 15, 2010

Looking for Love...

I love the kiddies, I really do, but sometimes a girl rolls over at night and just wants to be able to say, "What are we gonna do?". And that's the situation I found myself in this weekend. I just didn't want to face another weekend alone. Plus, being open to love is on my list of resolutions (12! Ambitious, no?)
Some things are on hold until I can shake the rest of my financial burden (like getting my car fixed), but that has nothing to do with me opening myself up to love, right? So, Saturday, I joined eHarmony. I'm really excited about it. I tried their service once before and had success. I'm sure I would have found The One from their database of users if I hadn't found someone during one of his routine sales calls.
So, I'm giving it another go. I mean, what girl doesn't want to have a boyfriend? Plus, these two make me want to have a wedding soooooooo bad.

found here

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