Monday, March 8, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I've been a pet lover my whole life. It's something that was handed down from my Great Grandfather. We've had some sort of furry creature living in our homes for as long as I can remember.

I know first hand the love that pet can bring. They never remember the mean thing you said or when you forgot to take them for a walk. It doesn't matter how many times a day you walk through the door, for them its just like the first time.

And as we get older it's comforting to know that we have someone. Someone soft and furry and who loves you unconditionally. Someone who will just sit with you when you're having a bad day. Someone who hugs you with their eyes.

I also know what it is to lose a pet. I've lost pets to the elements, to poison substances, and to old age. I even lost a pet when we moved once. Jodiah kept running and my parents wouldn't let us stay another day to search. We had to move on without him... and it hurt. But I've never lost a pet - I've never lost anyone - to murder.

This brings me to the story about Mrs. White. She's a sweet woman in her seventies and was a proud parent to Muffin, a Shih Tzu. For years they lived together just the two of them. Mrs. White's son (who is fifty-one) has been living with her for the last three years since his divorce. Like any mother would, she made space for him and his two dogs. But she banned his dogs to the yard to protect herself, Muffin, and her spotless carpet.

On Friday, dear Mrs. White lost Muffin due to a careless act by her son. He placed Muffin, a house dog, out in the backyard with his Dobermans instead of taking her for a walk. When Mrs. White returned looking for Muffin, she had been mauled and was beyond help.

Please say a prayer today for Mrs. White. Pray for her in her moment of grief as she tries to accept what has happened. Pray that we can all help her to move forward. Pray that she may find it in her heart to love again. Pray that she can forgive her son, that she can forgive herself, and that she may live her life without blame.

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