Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Alone

I had a very long Saturday. And by that I mean, I HAD ONE HELL OF A SATURDAY.


With the whole family being in town, I knew that I'd be running around a lot. What I didn't know is that that would automatically make my house "the spot". You know? That place where everyone gathers because it's convenient.

But my house is not convenient. In location or otherwise.

Getting back...

Saturday, we picked up my little big brother (I'm older and wiser but he's definitely taller. Definitely). And because he hasn't had leave in over two years he wanted to do everything that he could think of.

Which left my poor babies in the house until 1 the next morning. But you know what? There was no poop anywhere. There was pee in two places but that's to be expected when your mom leaves you at 830a on one day and doesn't come back for 17 hours.

I didn't mean to do it; it just happened.

So I'm proud of my babies. And I know that they love me or at least they eat their poop.

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