Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I always knew that Wilbur was Ginger's favorite thing in the whole house. That is until yesterday. Now, Wilbur in his ball is Ginger's favorite thing in the whole house.

I decided that it would do us all some good to get out and run around in the snow (all of us except for Wilbur, of course). I dressed the doggies in their hand-made, Christmas sweaters and let them frolic. It lasted all of 4 minutes. While I was making snow balls and launching them playfully, all I received in return were looks of disdain and the sudden realization that I'd been left alone, as they were sitting on the porch.

Inside, we got dried off and warmed up. I made warm broth and carrot juice for the pups and decided to let Wilbur run around a bit. Put him in his ball AND... he sat there. Like a lump of coal. Totally letting me down emotionally because, let's face it, he was my last hope.

Ginger immediately launched past me to be next to Wilbur. This is when the mayhem ensued. She began to bark at him, bouncing around in circles, her red, curly fur bouncing in time. It was adorable. Until she realized he could roll.

At first, it was an accident. She wanted him to play, so she nudged him with her nose. And that's when he went on his first official tour of the apartment. She rolled him in and out of every room and corner she could wedge them in to.

I'm sure Wilbur enjoyed the ride at first. But after about ten minutes, I'm sure I heard the distinct sound of a guinea pig vurp. I tried to get by her to pick him up and you would think I'd brought a hatchet with me the way she growled. GRRRRRRR!!!!! Translation: Back off B*tch!.

I finally managed to get Wilbur away from his protector. When I pulled him out of the ball and laid him against my chest, I'm sure I saw him sway. I totally made up for it with a yogurt treat.

But he might want to get used to it. Because now that Ginger's on to his mobility, I'm sure the good times will never end.

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