Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Do It!

okay, the rules for this little cutie are:

a. post 10 things that make you happy
b. try to do at least one of them today
c. pass some lovins on to 10 other bloggers

aaaaaannnnnndddd GO!!

10. Blog surfing: ok, this may seem a bit stalkerish, but there's nothing I love more than reading the writing of others. The connectivity of the internet reminds me that I'm not alone in whatever problems I'm facing at the moment.

9. talking with my brother: he's an absolute nut but I remember life without him and it was not grand. plus, there's no one who gets me the way he does. and what would life be like without sand on the beach :)

8. K-Dubs: she's a roly poly little thing but my whole life changed when she first licked my ear. she's an a-plus cuddler and knows just when I need some love... or a good burp in the face.

7. snuggling under blankets: warm, toasty blankets that are fresh from the dryer. there's nothing better.

6. being outside: it's true that I hate bugs but there's nothing better than being outside amongst all the natural wonders.

5. spending time with loved ones: its a big deal to know that I have so many people - friends and family - that are there for me and will support me. I love just hanging out, watching movies, talking, or getting absolutely plastered!! Whoot!!

4. crafts : I don't come off as a Betty but I totally am inside. and I dont think there's anything more relaxing than sitting down with a good piece of needlework. it's a productive way to do absolutely nothing.

3. singing: I'm not winning any contests but I believe that there's no truer way to express yourself than through song.

2. dancing: it's the ultimate release and I am one kick-ass booty shaker

1. accomplishing my goals: as a control freak I have a natural fear of failure. that being said, there's nothing better than setting a goal and achieving it. it's empowering on a whole other level. it reminds me that I can do anything if I believe and put in enough hard work to meet God half way.

Now, I'd like to share the bloggy love. Check out these fine bloggies:

Katy @ The Incredible Shrinking Mrs. G. She's got the biggest, softest heart on the planet. And will remind you how the little things mean a lot.

Crystal @ The Story of Us. I'd never met anyone with a constant smile until I met Crystal. The best part is that it's authentic and you just want to be like her.

Jack Shit @ Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit. If you don't know Jack then you need to get on this ASAP. He checks in everyday with something fun and witty to keep you inspired on your weight loss journey. And with over 90 pounds loss Jack knows his shit!

Jenny @ Little Green Notebook. I love her decor ideas and am always stealing her style inspirations.

Erin @ Dishes & Wishes. That girls life is crazy but she's holding it all down. And there's nothing funnier than finding your husband finding your ring in the pile of clothes you just destroyed.

Karla the Determined Dancer. she's focused, she's driven, and she's a dancer. Is there more to love?

Jen & John @ CakeWrecks. She's always good for the laugh I need and the horrendous cake pics to keep me on track.

Paulius the Brit. There's no one funnier.

A Cup of Jo. You're probably already a fan and rightfully so. Her posts are sweet, delicate and oh so fun!

Jen @ Green Wedding Shoes. I love what inspires her and can't wait to be engaged just so she can design my shoot. Plus, I'm totally jealous of her SoCal living. Love, love, love.

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  1. You are the sweetest! I just found you. Oh the fun reads to come, I'm sure. :)