Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Is The Face Of A Killer

Yesterday, I came home to find things amiss in the new apartment. It wasn't just that my coffee table was moved. It was that Klea didn't want to go outside. She was leading me to the storage room where I found everything moved.

The dresser was in the middle of the floor with all the broken down boxes thrown around randomly. My luggage was thrown on top of my collection of grocery bags. I use those for Kay Dubs waste. And my black storage shelf was crooked.

My first inkling was to not panic and to call my Mom. I mean, Klea was just fine. And it didn't look like anything was stolen. After 30 seconds on the phone with Mom, it was clear that she hadn't been there. So I grabbed Klea, her leash, and my purse and headed to the car where I planned to call the police. That's when I noticed the ivy was missing.

I called Mom back and told her that I figured out the mystery and it had to have been the maintenance people. I did a walk through of the apartment and all of the little things I'd put on the move-in checklist was in a state of repair. I let Klea do her business and then booked it to the rental office. We had a contentious conversation about the purpose of a move-in checklist and the importance of 24-hour notice.

Apparently, Kay Dubs bit a repairman and I told them that's her job - she is a dog after all. We discussed appropriate scheduling for them to come and complete the work; it will be on Friday. And you know what else is happening Friday? I'm getting one of those sturdy chain locks that can also release by key. If they stomp in here again unannounced, I'm pressing charges.

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