Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Say La Vee

Wilbur is in her new home now.

It feels like it took forever and I even accused the little booger of being cursed. Each time she was supposed to go to a new home something mysterious happened. The last time, my mom came down with a righteous cold that kept her off work for a day.

But the woman who took her was absolutely stoked. I gave her everything she would need to care for Wilbur, including her cage cleaning gloves, because, quite frankly, I wouldn't need it anymore. Except the microwave cart. I kept the cart.

I knew that taking care of Wilbur was too much for me. My love for animals doesn't run that deep. And I was sure that finding her a new home was the right thing for both of us. I just didn't plan on missing her so much.

Well, not so much but just enough. There is a noticeable absence in my home. There's no chirping. No scurrying. No bedding on the living room floor. All of things helped to make up the essence of Wilbur and I miss them terribly.

However, I can check one more thing off the To-Do List.

I'm not sure how Klea is handling it all. She still looks forward to our walks but there is a definite distinction between this Klea and the Klea of 3 weeks ago. She just mosies around now. We don't get much cuddle time and there's no one (Ginger) for her to have power struggles with. I think that losing Wilbur is only making it worst.

This morning while I was getting ready, she just laid under my bed feigning sleep. Even as I made for the front door to leave she didn't move. I had to call her and still she sauntered with no energy. I just hope that she's not falling into a depression.

We'll keep going on our half hour walks and enjoying some play time. And I'll try to implement more snuggle time. She absolutely loves that. Until next time...

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