Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I need to wear more make up

I've noticed when I'm walking the pups that we are getting a lot of attention.

There's Milo'sDad who is so, so very sexxy. He makes me want to walk the dogs all day just so I can keep seeing him. *cougar growl* Or the guy with the deep voice. I like to listen to him talk. But what's most important - aside from them being gorgeous male pet owners - is that they always give me and the pups the appropriate amount of space. They control their dogs accordingly and so when Ginger goes off on her tangent it's all good because they're over there and I'm over here.

Granted, it doesn't work well with my "Catch-a-man-using-the-pups" plan but it keeps me sane during the half hour I have to walk them. She on the other hand doens't believe in this rule. She is a "non-blonde". You know. Like Four Non-Blondes. She has hair like the aloof one in the back, a face like the one in purple and dresses like the kid in the plaid. It's just all bad. And I think she's a taco lover. Where as I am an avid supporter of all kinds of sausage. For breakfast, for dinner, in your mom's house, anytime really.

I've tried keeping my distance but she always feins an inability to control her mongrels. This irks me as it causes Ginger (who is looking quite dapper now that she's groomed) to go into fits. I've tried being polite and asking her nicely to keep her mutts at a distance. Now, we're at the point where we walk across the grass to avoid her. But much like yesterday, she just met us halfway.

I'm over it really. And I'm terribly close to telling her that I don't swing that way. Which is sure to hurt feelings but hey, she shouldn't be stalking me then.

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