Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oooooo! Somebody's In Trouuuuuubblllllle!

Every morning I wake up to new and exciting smells. It's the smell of random feces. Feces in my hall way. Feces in my guest room. Feces in my living room. Feces that's half eaten. (*wretch*) It's quite menacing actually. But I've grown so tired of the sad dogs face and I can only ask "Who's poop is this?" so many times before they both begin to ignore me. It's to the point now that getting professional carpet help is the only way to go.

So, I've decided to go old school on their asses. The dogs now sleep in their crates at night. Just like they did when they were puppies. Because at 4 and 6 I fully expect them to keep their feces to themselves at night. Especially when we go on our customary "last call" every night at 10 o' clock.

They don't know it yet, but I bought ear plugs for this occasion. That's why I don't care that their feelings are hurt. It hurts my feelings every time I step in something damp in my hallway. It hurts my feelings each time I ruin a pair of socks. I become emotionally unstable at the thought of having guests because my house stinks to me so, I can only imagine what other people think.

This is also a test. If they continue to act out then there is no hope for them when I relocate. Especially if I have to spend 30 odd days couch surfing. To tear up my shit is wrong, to tear up someone else's is completely unacceptable.

So, we shall see.

'Til then...

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