Thursday, April 1, 2010

Empty Nest

All of my family has finally returned to their respective homes. My brother was the last to go and now the house feels empty. Not just for me, but for the dogs too.

For two whole weeks, they've had someone there constantly to give them treats, fresh water, play fetch or, in Klea's case, rub a bald spot into her fur.

I had gotten used to being greeted by human voices and not by furry noses (those traitors stopped coming to the door altogether!).

So now they wait for me eagerly, ready to do all the things that we used to do like 15-minute brushings, baths (well, maybe not baths), long walks (hurray for spring!) and stuff.

But we all miss the noise that comes with having a full house. I miss the little surprises like played out pets and clean kitchens.

I miss Grandpa's voice trying to teach them to roll over and to bark on command.

I miss Cam occupying them with constant games of tug and fetch.

I miss Ethan letting them get juuuuuust close enough to be considered nice but not close enough to be considered cuddling.

Mostly, I miss the human conversation.


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