Saturday, April 10, 2010


The dogs both had appointments with the groomers today but that's not going to happen due to some other circumstances. Instead, I will attempt to groom them myself later this evening after having busted hump with my mom on her spring projects.

1. remove the rest of the leaves from her yard. I raked for 8 hours and put them under a tarp for her to put on the curb once a month until they were all gone because her city picks them up for free. She never got them to the curb.

2. lay down mulch.

3. pull up the dead, fall flowers.

4. pull up that crazy, prickly bush that we pulled up in November but managed to grow back twice as large.

5. get an estimate for getting that damned stump out of the flower bed.

6. manage not to fight while accomplishing tasks 1 - 5.

Yay, Me!

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