Monday, December 21, 2009

SoMe PiG!

I have a guinea pig. His name is Wilbur after the little white piggy in Charlotte's Web. He's only seven weeks and was born in captivity. And after just 3 days, he's already stolen a big chunk of my heart.

I don't have any human children so this analogy probably doesn't fit but I love to watch him grow and change. Everything he does is so instinctive and exciting. The first time he drank from his water bottle, I cooed, "You're so smart! Who taught you that? Learned all by yourself. Yes, you did".

Yup. I'm that person. The one who takes her puppies on a trip to Dairy Queen because it's 90 degrees in the shade. The one who lets them go for dips in the lake and carts them to and from Doggy Day Camps. I'm the woman who MUST be home at precise hours to keep everyone on their schedules.

If this house were a ship, it would be sailing on water smooth as glass. Now, if I could just find the balance that would allow me to maintain a social life.

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