Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pardon Me.

It dawned on me, late yesterday evening, that I never properly introduced myself or my brood. I didn't even take the time to explain why I started this blog (especially since I have another).

Well, this blog is for the sole purpose of posting about the shenanigans of my every day life as a pet parent. I love the little guys, but as any proud owner knows, life with them is always a wild ride.

First, there's Klea, my Pembroke Welsh Cori. Her full name is Klea-Wea. She's 4 years old and a little pudgy, but so sweet. She has a very calm demeanor and her ideal evening is one tucked under my arm, watching movies while I stroke her belly. Her 8 things are:

1. Loves to play
2. Loves to be petted (but new people make her "happy pee")
3. Welcomes everyone (especially those with treats)
4. Very calm
5. Grounded and well-rounded
6. A bit pudgy (she has an appreciation for good food)
7. Loves to run
8. Very obedient

Next is Ginger. She's my sister's dog really but she's staying with me while my sister couch surfs. Ginger was bought from a pet store so she's less apt to trust and barks. incessantly. at wind. at rain. at the radio. at the tv. at guests. It's enough to drive one crazy, but she and I are trying to work through that together. She's a 5-year-old Cairnpoo. And lately, she's been falling to some of the ailments of her breeds, like Poodle's knee and glaucoma. But she's still got a lot of spunk left. Her are her 8 things:

1. Loves to fetch
2. Hates to share
3. Very hoity-toity
4. Extremely territorial and sometimes hostile
5. Slow to welcome new people
6. A bit high strung
7. Performs tricks for treats
8. Loves to curl up in blankets

Finally, there's Wilbur. He's a guinea pig. Judging by his short hair, I'd say he's Abyssinian. He's all white with chocolate brown eyes (thank goodness! red eyes = genetic defects). At only 8 weeks old, he's still not fully grown and very skeptical of the world. He was born to Snickers - whom we thought was male but was in fact a pregnant female (Ha!). Wilbur has only been a part of the family for 5 days, so I don't know much about him but here are the 8 things I've learned so far.

1. He still calls out for his mama (and doesn't appreciate it when I answer)
2. Poops. A lot. especially when Klea barks
3. Has no respect for when or where he will poop
4. Hand training him is hard work
5. He calls out for his mama and is ok with Ginger answering
6. Enjoys treat logs but not treat bits
7. Hates oranges
8. He poops. A lot.

Now, to talk about me. I am a twenty-six-year-old woman whose only real commitment is to the animals she cares for so deeply. I love them and truly bend over backwards to please them. Here are 8 things about me:

1. Loves cake but really should give it up
2. Loves animals and has a hard time saying no to them
3. Has a hard time saying no, period.
4. Has a big heart
5. Has big dreams
6. Needs to open herself up to more opportunities
7. Is a master procrastinator
8. Will finish this post later ; )

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