Friday, February 25, 2011

Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime

I have been made victim of a hate crime.

And this is the perpetrator.

She looks unassuming but I know the truth.

It's in my bedroom.

In my living room.

Even in my kitchen!! Don't judge me. It was buy carpet or wear socks and I ain't wearing socks.

I think it's from the steroids. It better be from the steroids.

Because last night she just waltzed in front of the TV, put her haunches down and pissed all over the place. She's going 3 or 4 times per walk and we've put in two extra walks to try to get all this liquid out.

Her water consumption is off the charts. Two bowls a day. Which is 4x what she was drinking before.

Me and the vet are going to have a chat about this. 'Cause I'm tired of cleaning up puddles everyday when I get home.

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