Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Plans

This past weekend, Klea and I played it pretty safe. I spent more time at home than I have in the last month and she spent all of her time trying to bury the rawhide bone I gave her over a week ago.

First, she put it in my shoe cubby. Which I discovered as she growled at me while I was busy putting away my shoes. Then she put it in the storage room between the ironing board and the pantry shelf. But she nearly lost her mind when I went to fold the ironing board up and put it away.

When I was tired of picking up and decided to sit down to a delicious Greek meal, she hopped up on the sofa next to me and did this:
That's her digging up my coat to plant the bone safely beneath it. (I got several shots of her nudging the coat back over it to rehide her bone but they didn't come out as well.) She took one look at me looking at her and promptly unburied her bone to hide it someplace new.
This morning when I woke up, I stepped on the doggone bone. There it was, laying in the middle of my bedroom floor unattended. She came speeding into the room when she heard me yelp and after looking at me with indignance, picked up her bone and carted it somewhere new.

I really want her to just eat the stupid thing already.

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